Sunwave Photonics is the company based in Chennai and dealing in Lasers and Laser Based Systems for various Scientific, Industrial & Medical applications and also dealing in Solar Products for Home and Industrial needs.

Sunwave Photonics focus on Scientific, Defense, Industrial and Medical applications and offers products & solutions for the same.

We are supplying various Laser & Electro-Optical instruments to leading research institutions as CSIR labs, IITs, Universities, Private Engineering Colleges and Solar Products for various Industries. Sunwave Photonics is also catering to industry requirement and supplying Industrial Lasers for Marking, Engraving, Welding, Cutting and Micromachining applications.

We supply quality products from different sources and deal with world class products.

In medical field, we are dealing in Ophthalmic Products and supplying the diagnostic and surgical equipment for Eye Care Hospitals. We are supporting the ophthalmic surgeons in providing immediate service support to keep up their surgical schedule without change and maintaining the 'Repair Cycle Time' as less as possible.