It is well known that our daily life depends on Light. Hence the Photonic Technology or Light-based Engineering will be leading in present and upcoming centuries. Our company, SUNWAVE PHOTONICS aims to cater the Photonic technologies to most of the needs of daily life i.e from home appliances to advanced development of optical computers and so on. In this purpose, we focus to offer Photonics-based business solutions to Scientific, Industrial and Medical Applications by our three diversified divisions of Industrial, Scientific and Medical Divisions which comprise of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Photonics.

We serve the Scientific Customers to enable them for upgrading their research capabilities and to make Industrial Clients to increase their production strength and to enrich their product quality and also supporting the Medical Professionals to enhance their therapeutic and surgical skills by supplying right and appropriate Photonic products.

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Sunwave Photonics focus on Scientific, Defense, Industrial and Medical applications and offers best products & solutions for the same.